Sunday, August 16, 2015

You and Me: None Of Us Are Alone


Without our best friends, how would any of us have the strength to travel the daily winding road of students who also need to be loved? Every day we help children become readers, writers and thinkers in the face of many obstacles and pressures. Our best friends constantly remind us that we are still important and loveable. Right now, we are spending a lot of time and money getting ready to start a brand new school year. Great classrooms that will be like home for us and our students for the next nine months don't just appear out of thin air. Our best friends support us and understand why we're a little bit crazy and anxious these days. Our best friends insist on nurturing us and making sure we enjoy these last few days of summer.

You and Me by Susan Verde and Peter H. Reynolds is a beautiful, heartwarming ode to friendship. The simple, rhyming text with colorful illustrations of two cats who are best friends, wonders what would happen if fate hadn't brought the two together. It explores the minutiae of everyday moments and decisions: oversleeping, broken clocks, bad weather, and flat tires to consider circumstances that might have kept the two apart.

"The very idea makes me ache in my heart." My chin started to quiver a bit as I looked at the illustration of the cat missing the train as it pulls out of the station with a missed opportunity of a lifelong friendship.

But thankfully, "serendipity, perfect timing, all the stars aligning" brought these two together. When I read the last lines, I reached for the tissues:

"I'm so grateful for each step and each choice that led me to you, your spirit, your voice. Feeling as one when we're actually two."

I made my husband read it. He gave me a smile that helps me know that he will be with me and help me make this the best year ever!

(Me and my best friend)

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